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We believe that filling a student’s toolbox with learning strategies is a key to success. We focus on enhancing their skills such as organization, time management, reading comprehension, note-taking, and the like to improve their 21st century literacy skills across content areas. If you would like targeted support in learning strategies, ask us about our learning strategy inventory to help develop a custom program just for you.

We ask all new parents and students to fill out a form that will help us learn of your son/daughters strengths, needs, interests, and learning styles.  We use this information to hand-select the tutor with the qualifications, personality, and skill-set that we think will best meet your needs.  Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until you agree that it is a best fit tutor.

We review session logs by tutors after each session and check in with them to provide additional guidance and feedback. We monitor growth in client grades and confidence. We also frequently check in with parents to ensure they feel their student is on track. It is music to our ears when we hear a client no longer requires tutoring!

We like to go back to basics rather then put out fires. Instead of purely focusing on what is due tomorrow, we focus on the underlying needs of the student. Our tutors are adept at identifying underlying content gaps and spend time building up those foundational skills. Moreover, our tutors identify learning strategies that need to be further developed and work with students to apply these strategies to everyday learning. Don’t worry – we do all of this in addition to helping with tomorrows big assignment!

In addition to the classroom materials, our tutors use supplemental worksheets, articles, books, and resources to tailor lessons to your son/daughters needs and interests.

Our goal is to not only have your child see an improvement in grades, but also see growth in confidence and learning strategies.

Test Prep

Rather then focusing on “beating the test” we help students “understand the test”.  We help students understand the content underlying the test to ensure they master the foundational learning concepts. Then, we help students apply this knowledge towards test strategy and best-practices test-taking skills.

For every 10 hours of prep you receive one free full-length proctored test.  Additional mock tests can be purchased at a $100 fee.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but it truly depends on the student. Those students who come in with content mastery, that diligently do their homework and take session-time seriously could prepare in as little as 10-15 hours. However, we find that most students require between 20-30 hours to prepare.

Just as every student learns differently, they test in unique ways as well. The SAT tends to be a better test for those who are strong in logic and the ACT for those who prefer content. As the ACT is more closely tied to classroom content, we feel it may be a preferable test for many students. If you are going to spend 20-30 hours studying for a test, shouldn’t it help you in school as well?

Either way – we would be happy to give your son/daughter a FREE full-length mock ACT and SAT providing a customized report and recommendation.

All of our tutors bring their unique personality and approach to the table and they have all scored in the 98 percentile and above on the standardized tests. 

Given the customized nature of our programs, we are well adept at supporting students with learning differences.  We will help your son/daughter with the time management and learning strategy skills required to find success on the test.  Moreover, we can help you navigate how to acquire extended time on the SAT or ACT.

Similar to the above, every student is different!  Some students work best when they do not have any time pressure and others find success when the clock is ticking.  We start working with students as early as the summer after sophomore year and as late as 6-weeks prior to test date.

Great question! Our clients have seen tremendous success. It is not uncommon for our clients to see an ACT improvement of 6-8 points and an SAT improvement of 300-400 points. Many have seen more growth!

We believe there is no better material then actual test questions.  We pull from previous tests and official guides to help your student understand and practice for the test.


The admissions process is a collaborative one and so is our program. The initial consultation is done as a family to help determine the program structure and student needs and goals. After this, the majority of sessions are between student and counselor. However, there are some sessions that it is recommended the family attend. The counselor and parent(s) will communicate frequently about progress and a session recap will be provided after each meeting.  

Indirectly, college planning begins once students select their freshmen year courses and activities.  College counseling can begin anytime hereafter.  Vault Prep can meet your student wherever they are in the process to help them plan ahead or catch up.  Ideally, students should begin regular counseling no later than halfway through junior year.  However, we are very adept at working with rising seniors beginning the summer before senior year.  

School counselors are amazing, truly. They take on tremendous responsibility and provide invaluable information and support to students and their families. Our program does not replace what the school does, but rather we complement and enhance it by:

  • Using a proprietary curriculum to break the admissions process down into manageable pieces.
  • Acting as an advocate for all family members and enhancing interfamily communication.
  • Helping students develop their goals and uncover their passions and then setting a plan in motion to bring it all to fruition.
  • Providing clarity, plans, and guidelines for any and every stage of the process.