The College Admission Process

Brock Walsh

With all the questions swirling around the college admissions process, it’s good to know there are a few things you can count on. First, there are many more excellent colleges than you know about today. You can, without much difficulty, become far more knowledgeable about what colleges might be the right fit for you. But that requires knowing first what truly interests you. Name that and you’re off and running. What’s that? You’re interested in more than one thing and you’re not sure which you’ll settle on? That’s still progress.

The second certainty is that you possess a singular, original, and fascinating story to tell. You will be asked to tell such a story to include with your application. It may take some searching, but what treasure isn’t worth digging for? And no matter how gruesome the writing process may seem, I’ve got good news. Once you discover a great story that only you can tell, you will learn to love it.

The process has no shortcuts. It cannot be faked. It can be less lonely, and sometimes easier, with a guide. Let me know if you’d like to talk about it.

Brock Walsh

Partner / Vault Prep