Brock Walsh

College Counselor and Director of Special Projects

Brock Walsh began his career in higher education in the admissions office of his alma mater, Harvard College. There, he oversaw three large geographical regions of the U.S., spanning the south and both east and west coasts. After a successful tenure, he joined the highly regarded Los Angeles based CBO, College Match, where he became a valued member of their counseling corps. College Match provides college counseling to underserved populations. 98% of their students are accepted to and graduate from a top 25 college or university.

Hundreds of students have benefited from Brock’s knowledge of the admissions process and his unique personal skills. Through careful and constant interaction, his students not only unlock their potential as applicants but undergo tremendous personal growth resulting in their success in college.

Vault Prep is fortunate to have a counselor of Brock's pedigree and proficiency.

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