Grace Yim

Senior Tutor

Whether it’s in a dance studio, refugee center, or classroom, Grace Yim finds joy doing what she does best: empowering others to discover their own passions and equipping them with tangible skills. After graduating UCLA with a B.A. in Geography/Environmental Science Studies, Grace took her capstone project for her Entrepreneurship minor and, together with one of her partners, helped bring Psypher LA to life as a dance startup seeking to destigmatize mental health through community wellness programs and partnerships. At the same time, Grace continued her advocacy for North Korean refugees through a non-profit organization called Liberty in North Korea as the president of the campus chapter club at UCLA before eventually interning at their headquarters.

Shortly afterwards, she joined Teach for America and their mission to provide excellent and equitable education to all children. As an elementary school teacher in one of Memphis, Tennessee’s most severely disadvantaged communities, Grace found her passion for teaching and sought to instill the joy of learning in her students who began to realize the world of opportunity that awaited them. The most rewarding aspect for Grace was watching her students take charge of their own learning by challenging their own ways of thinking, developing growth mindsets, and critically problem-solving.

Grace is currently working towards an M.S. degree in Organizational Workplace Performance Learning as well as a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design.

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